Bloom Wax Stamper
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Bloom Wax Stamper

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"Bloom is inspired in the quote “do what you can, with what you have, where you are” by Theodore Roosevelt. It is an encouraging quote that has kept me going through all the obstacles 2020 has thrown in our path. This wax stamp design is a reminder that just like it happens with flowers, every season even with all its hardships is preparing us to bloom."

- Papel & Co

Use with melted wax (available here) to create the perfect first impression on your correspondence.

How To Use

Materials: Wax Stamp, Sealing Wax, Low Temperature Glue Gun

  1. Insert sealing wax into glue gun and allow 5-7 minutes to melt
  2. Squeeze trigger to dispense a 1" circle of sealing wax on your surface
  3. Press Wax Stamp into sealing wax and allow 5-10 seconds to cool
  4. Gently peel Wax Stamp from sealing wax, if sticking occurs give more time to cool

We recommend chilling your stamp on a bag of ice, or ice pack, between sealing.

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